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COMITEX Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, fully specialized in plastic card technologies, which was established in 1995. The company operates under the concept of one-stop-shop for cutting-edge card technologies and professional equipment for personal identification. Comitex has proved to be trusted and reliable partner in the realization of various card projects and provision of secure identification solutions. The company has established itself as a leader in the high-tech and innovative solutions for printing, personalization and use of all types of plastic cards. Comitex is a leading supplier of a full range of professional card systems with variable technical capabilities color card printers, reading and writing devices, terminal devices, card software, specialized document scanners, biometric devices, consumables and accessories. It maintains an extensive range of latest generation systems to suit different needs from small, compact desktop machines to large scale production systems. The company provides service and support for the whole portfolio of products. Comitex is a preferred partner of governmental institutions and corporate businesses in their pursuit of quality and efficient management through the use of high-end technologies and implementation of best practices and methodologies. The highly qualified Comitex team is competent to carry out any specific and technologically complex projects, combining experience, expertise and extensive training. With a commitment to innovation, the company operates the biggest non-financial Card Center in Bulgaria, which realizes various printing, personalization and mailing projects both in the country and the region. Comitex has a long-term and successful partnership with the following companies: Entrust Datacard, Evolis, Matica Technologies, Advanced Card Systems, Regula Forensics, Innovative Card Systems, Desko, Uniform Industrial Corp., Charismathics, Feitian. Specialties Card Technologies, Secure ID Solutions, Card Printing & Personalization Services, Card Printers & Embossers, Card Interface Devices, Financial Instant Issuance, Biometrics, Time Attendance, Document Verification, System Integration, Cashless Festival Payment System

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