Mutual Trust & Individual Approach

Comitex is a reliable and preferred partner in the implementation of numerous ID projects differing in size and technological complexity. The company is a trusted partner of governmental institutions and corporate businesses in their pursuit of quality and efficient management through the use of modern technologies and implementation of best practices and industrial standards and methodologies.

The company has implemented thousands of large and small scale card projects in the country and the region for companies and agencies in the financial, governmental, healthcare, corporate, educational, public transport, telecommunication and retail sectors. A lot of these projects are pioneer projects for the Bulgarian market and laid the foundations of a new culture and good practice in the personal identification of customers, employees and individuals.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Telecommunication & IT Companies

Governmental Institutions

Educational Institutions, Professional Associations

Health & Pension Insurance Companies

Petrol Companies, Hypermarkets & Retail Chains

Other Customers