Card Mailing
Your Message Right Into Your Customers' Hands

Comitex guarantees security, speed and quality – key factors in the implementation of customer card projects. We have experience, qualified team and fully automated process to ensure your peace of mind.

What is automated card mailing?

  • Printing and personalization of a plastic card.
  • Personalization of a letter with customer data.
  • Attachment of the card to its corresponding letter.
  • Folding of the letter with the card and insertion in an envelope.
  • Insertion of additional marketing materials.
  • Gluing and sorting the envelopes.
  • Accountability of all saved cards.

What does the card mailing service, offered by COMITEX, include?

  • Consultation services related to planning and implementation of the card project.
  • Design and coordination of the overall project – card design, envelope, letterhead, leaflet.
  • Offset card printing (in accordance with selected functionality), letterhead, envelopes and promotional materials.
  • Generating and / or checking the customer database.
  • Sorting data by criteria defined by the customer.
  • Print and electronic personalization of cards as per an approved procedure for confidentiality.
  • Printing and personalization of a letter or form.
  • Sticking the card to the letter at 100% automated compliance control.
  • Automated assembly, placing the materials in an envelope and gluing.
  • Sorting envelopes, packing and preparation for shipment.
  • Accountability and report generation.

All processes related to automated card mailing at Comitex Card & Mailing Center are performed with strict adherence to the GDPR requirements

The advantages of the automated card mailing

Guaranteed correspondence between card and letter
100% machine control of all processes
Up to 1,500 cards/hour depending on the project
Quality of performance of the full process

The Card Mailing as a Complete Marketing Tool

  • Delivery of highly targeted content – the audience is specifically selected, with the customers receiving only information that meets their specific needs and user attitudes.
  • Personalized attitude– the customers are more receptive to your message.
  • Tangibility of the direct mail – the message is delivered directly to the customer’s hands, which makes it more likely to be read.


Пликоването на карти намира приложения в комуникацията между издателя и ползвателя на картата в различни клиентски програми с цел реклама, информираност и персонално отношение.


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TBI Bank, Central Cooperative Bank , Piraeus Bank, Transact Europe, Paynetics


Health and Pension Insurance Conpanies

Bulstrad Zhivot, Evroins, POK Doverie, POK Bŭdeshte, Unika, Es Di Aĭ Grup, FiHealth, DZI, EZOK


Retail Chains

Hypolend, Opticlasa, BILLA, Lee Cooper


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Petrol Companies



Sports and Cultural Organizations

Multisport, Volleyball Club CSKA, Historical Park Varna

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