Technologies for Identification and Security

Comitex is a Bulgarian IT company that provides complete digital solutions for physical or remote identification of individuals. The company has established itself as a market leader in the card technologies business and is a trusted, reliable and preferred supplier of high technology and innovative solutions related to plastic card services and equipment. It operates under the concept of one-stop-shop for plastic card services and technologies, providing an end-to-end solution to the customer. Comitex has implemented thousands of large and small scale card projects in the country and the region for companies and agencies in the financial, governmental, healthcare, corporate, educational, public transport, telecommunication and retail sectors.

Comitex is a major supplier of a full range of professional personalization card systems for centralized and decentralized issuing of plastic cards and personal documents, card devices and software, biometric devices and professional equipment for personal document authentification and verification. The highly qualified team of the company is capable of fulfilling the needs and requirements of any specific and technologically complex project, combining professional experience and expert knowledge.

Comitex operates the biggest non-financial Card Personalization and Mailing Center in Bulgaria, where plastic cards with different applications are printed and personalized: ID cards, healthcare cards, electronic signature cards, public transport cards, payment cards, EMV bank cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards, etc.


For its more than 26 years of history, the company’s growth is actually the development of technologies for identification and security and the use of plastic cards in Bulgaria. Often, the company is a pioneer in the market, offering its customers a unique mix of new, innovative products and technological services. Thus, Comitex grows together with its numerous customers and is sought after as a valuable and trusted partner.

  1. 16.05.1995: Comitex was established by Victor Petrov and Polina Petrova

    May 16th, 1995
    The company’s main activity is organizing specialized exhibitions for computer technologies and promoting the business of leading IT companies. Due to the difficult economic conditions, no exhibitions are organized, and the idea serves as the basis of the first BAIT EXPO in 1996.
  2. First customer card projects

    August 1st, 1997
    After the launch of bank payment cards in 1996, interest in customer cards also emerged. The company is aware of the market needs and starts offering card printing and personalization services by hiring subcontractors.
  3. Comitex becomes representative of ProtechnoCard (Germany)

    March 1st, 1999
    First visit to CeBIT (specialized IT exhibition) in Hannover. Numerous meetings, negotiations and demonstrations of personalization equipment from leading suppliers were held in Pavilion 23. First Partnership Agreement signed with ProtechnoCard Germany.
  4. Comitex buys its own personalization equipment

    November 1st, 1999
    The first German equipment for printing and personalization of plastic cards – ProtechnoCard PT5000 Card Printer – is purchased. Comitex starts employee training and development of its own card services.
  5. New Comitex office

    September 1st, 2000
    The company moves to a new office, where it will work and develop for 11 years until September 2011. In the new office the company already has a total of 6 employees.
  6. Comitex becomes representative of Versatile Card Technologies (USA)

    May 1st, 2001
    Comitex becomes an exclusive partner and representative of the world’s largest plastic card manufacturer VCT USA with a total production of more than 2 billion plastic cards. Thus, the company starts a partnership in the financial sector and supplies all types and brands of payment cards, offering full service – design, production and delivery to the client’s vault.
  7. Comitex becomes representative of Matica (Italy), ACS (Hong Kong), UIC (Taiwan)

    March 1st, 2002
    After a new visit to CeBIT 2002, new partnerships and exclusive representations for Bulgaria were negotiated: with Matica, a company specialized in printed and emboss personalization solutions for plastic cards; ACS, the world’s leading smart card provider; and UIC, specialized in the production of magnetic card reading and writing devices, and OEM supplier of POS devices.
  8. Comitex establishes its own Card Personalization Center

    September 1st, 2002
    Comitex buys a system for printed and emboss personalization from Matica. The company sets up its own Card Personalization Center which starts offering all types of card personalization services: printed, emboss and electronic. Comitex starts offering design for bank and non-bank plastic cards.
  9. Comitex wins the first big tender for bank cards

    March 1st, 2003
    Comitex wins a tender for the delivery of 265,000 bank cards for Unicredit Bulbank and thus becomes the supplier to the largest bank in Bulgaria. The cards are Visa and MC produced by VCT.
  10. Comitex starts providing solutions for electronic signature

    October 1st, 2003
    Comitex becomes provider of information services for smart card readers for electronic signature, and later of the smart cards. The first electronically signed state budget by Minister Milen Velchev has a reader and a card supplied by Comitex.
  11. Comitex starts offering card mailing services

    June 1st, 2004
    Comitex wins Mobiltel tender for their club program implementation and purchases Bulgaria’s first specialized system for automated mailing of plastic cards – Matica MS20. Comitex launches a complex card service: design + production + personalization + mailing.
  12. Comitex becomes representative of Evolis (France)

    November 1st, 2005
    Evolis is the biggest European manufacturer of card printers. The company selects Comitex for its exclusive official partner and service center in Bulgaria.
  13. First delivery of EMV bank cards

    September 1st, 2006
    Comitex wins a tender for the delivery of the first EMV bank cards for UniCredit Bulbank. Thus, UniCredit Bulbank becomes the first bank in Bulgaria, issuing the new chip cards for all types and brands of payment cards.
  14. Comitex becomes representative of DIS (Germany)

    April 1st, 2007
    The German company Digital Identification Solution is the leading developer of retransfer printers of the XID series and with the new exclusive partnership Comitex broadens its portfolio of technologies for plastic card printing. Comitex starts offering a new service of retransfer printing in its Card Personalization Center – mainly small card series. The technology offers the highest quality of printing on smart cards.
  15. Comitex delivers equipment for ID cards to the Bulgarian Army

    February 1st, 2008
    After winning а tender bid, Comitex was selected by the Ministry of Defense as a provider of specialized equipment for issuing ID cards to the Bulgarian soldiers. Comitex delivered a retransfer card printer with double-sided ID card laminator for maximum security.
  16. The beginning of several big projects for health insurance ID cards

    January 1st, 2008
    The development of health insurance and pension insurance services in Bulgaria laid the foundations of the need for a new more secure service – automatic card mailing. Comitex starts offering a daily card mailing service to the issuers.
  17. Comitex becomes supplier of ID technologies to the Sofia Traffic Company

    February 1st, 2009
    Comitex automates the processes for personal data processing upon issuing subscription cards, by implementing specialized software and document scanners at Sofia Traffic Company desks. The company supplies Evolis Pebble printers and consumables for card personalization. The company makes a strategic decision to invest in technologies and equipment for the needs of the future projects in the public transport.
  18. Comitex becomes representative of Charismatics (Germany)

    July 1st, 2009
    After several years of supplying readers and smart cards for electronic signature, Comitex starts a partnership with the world’s leading PKI software developer Charismathics. This makes it possible to offer a complete set: card + software + reader.
  19. Vivacom becomes Comitex client for its club program

    May 1st, 2010
    After a tender procedure, Vivacom selects Comitex to launch its VivaCLUB program.
  20. New Comitex office

    September 1st, 2011
    Due to the expansion of the business, the growing team, the new challenges and requirements of the clients, the company moves to a new and modern office. The premises are equipped with the latest security technology, biometric access control and video surveillance. Special attention is paid to the Card Personalization Center for maximum security personal data.
  21. The beginning of a new partnership with FutureCard (OAE)

    May 1st, 2012
    Comitex negotiates an exclusive partnership with Futurecard as a global manufacturer and provider of bank cards and smart cards for identification. Thus, Comitex ensures effective business in delivering EMV cards to Bulgarian financial institutions.
  22. Comitex starts offering the FestWallet service with iBonus technology

    December 1st, 2012
    Comitex develops and offers a new service for Bulgaria – cashless payments during music and mass events through the use of contactless card technology. Over the years, this has become a very popular and preferred way for instant payments for food, drinks and merchandise during major mass events – from club events to multi-day mega-festivals with over 25,000 people.
  23. European Professional ID Cards

    February 1st, 2013
    Comitex starts working on projects for the issuance of professional ID cards for all medical professions. Within 2 years cards will be issued for the Bulgarian Dental Association, Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union, Bulgarian Medical Association, Bulgarian Association of HealthCare Professionals.
  24. New personalization system Matica All-in-One is put into action

    May 1st, 2013
    Comitex successfully implements a project with European funding and as a result, a new fully functional Matica MS7000 system for personalization and automatic mailing of plastic cards has been delivered and installed at the company’s Card Personalization Center. All stages are integrated and managed from one workplace. The system works with all types of cards and ensures all types of print and electronic personalization plus automated mailing in the inline process.
  25. Comitex becomes Datacard (USA) partner

    November 1st, 2013
    Being a well-established leader in the market for card technologies, Comitex is approved by Datacard and launches a partnership with the largest manufacturer of card personalization systems operating in 200 countries. The focus of this strategic partnership are all solutions for desktop ID card issuance and instant issuance of financial cards.
  26. Redesign of Comitex Logo

    December 1st, 2013
    Comitex decides to update and refresh its logo. The visual connection with the old logo is maintained, while the corporate colors and font are updated. The look of all corporate elements is harmonized. The logo reflects the company’s constant drive for technology and high professionalism.
  27. Specialized OpenDay for Financial Instant Issuance is held at Comitex office

    June 1st, 2014
    Comitex organizes the first special event to present the technology for instant issuance of bank payment cards. Representatives of the business units and card departments of over 20 Bulgarian banks attend the event.
  28. Comitex becomes Regula (Latvia) partner

    November 1st, 2014
    Comitex launches a new strategic partnership and becomes an exclusive Regula representative for Bulgaria and Macedonia. The company offers a wide range of personal identification solutions through document scanners and biometric readers as new business.
  29. The beginning of new business based on projects

    January 1st, 2015
    Comitex sets up a team of professionals for the implementation of complete projects for the corporate business and the public sector.
  30. Comitex becomes ISP to Entrust Datacard

    April 1st, 2016
    Company professionals participate in a series of trainings and Comitex covers Entrust Datacard’s ISP requirements for implementation and support of bank card issuance projects with DataCard technologies.
  31. DSK Bank selects Comitex for the realization of their client identification project

    August 1st, 2016
    Following a tender procedure, DSK Bank selects Comitex’s technology for identifying customers in its bank offices by scanning personal documents with Regula’s specialized ID scanners. As part of the project, the company also develops and provides a software environment for facilitated integration called Wrapper, through which the bank integrates the scanners into its “Branches of the Future”.
  32. Delivery of FII technology in Macedonia

    March 1st, 2017
    Comitex delivers Entrust Datacard specialized equipment for financial instant issuance of bank cards to a Macedonian bank.
  33. Installation of a card personalization system for bank cards

    May 1st, 2017
    Comitex supplies and installs a high-performance Matica S7000 personalization system at the Intercard Finance Center. All types of EMV bank cards issued by ICF are visually and electronically personalized on the system.
  34. The University of National and World Economy started issuing student cards on smart cards

    September 1st, 2017
    The University of National and World Economy and Comitex launch a unique project for the Bulgarian market, using technology, know-how and smart card equipment provided by our company. The project is for issuance of student notebooks on a hybrid contactless smart card. Comitex personalizes DesFIRE student notebooks throughout the academic year. The student ID card is also a DSK Bank debit card, as well as an ISIC student rights identification card.
  35. Border Police (Ministry of Interior) buys ID scanners

    April 1st, 2018
    Comitex wins а tender for the supply of Regula specialized ID document scanners and installs them at selected border checkpoints in Bulgaria.
  36. Delivery of FII solution for TeximBank

    November 1st, 2018
    Comitex supplies specialized Evolis Elypso printers for instant issuance of payment cards at Teximbank’s branches, thus making the bank the first financial institution in Bulgaria to offer such service in all its branches. The printer is integrated and operated by the CBS of the bank.
  37. Comitex becomes Matica Technologies Value Added Distributor for Central and Eastern Europe

    June 1st, 2019
    Following a successful long-term partnership with Matica Technologies, Comitex has been appointed Value Added Distributor Central and Eastern Europe by the German manufacturer of innovative card systems.

Vision, Mission, Goals

The vision for the development and future of the company is based on the founders’ and management team’s belief in the unlimited potential of modern technologies for personal identification and information security and the fundamental capabilities of these technologies to improve people’s present by creating a safer, more mobile, more informed and easier way of life.

The mission of the company is to provide partners and customers with opportunities and resources for project implementation and goal achievement by bringing together people, knowledge, innovation and technology for identification and security.

The company’s goal is to create and manage a sustainable business model to provide the best technologies, products and services to maximize usability and meet customer requirements and needs. Also, to gain a moderate and adequate to the market conditions profit and to reinvest it in the development of the team and its professional competencies, in the increase of the technological level of the company for more financial and organizational stability and expansion of the market positions.

Management Team

Victor Petrov
Polina Petrova
Executive Director
Rositsa Rasheva
Sales Manager Products & Services
Dimitar Atanasov
Products and Systems Manager
Ivan Latev
Business Development Manager

Sales Team

Daniel Pavlov
Sales Specialist, Products
Krasimir Angelov
Sales Specialist, Products
Desislava Sejmjanovic
Key Accounts, Products and Card Sevices
Nonka Kamenska
Sales Specialist, Card Services
Borislav Dyankov
Project Sales
Borislava Radeva
International Operations
Josip Glisic
International operations
Vesela Grivekova
Sales Assistant


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