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Thermotransfer direct
Offset Print of Bank Cards
Offset Print of Non-Bank Cards


In order for a plastic card to have the necessary functionality, it should have a permanently printed image on it, which helps to identify its purpose, specific usage characteristics, card issuer and others. The blank (white) plastics hamper the efficient use of a card. To select how to print an image on a card, one should know what its main purpose will be bank or club card, access control to rooms or computer programs, electronic signature, health card, bonuses or discounts, telephone services and a lot of other applications. Regardless of the selected printing technology, the cards should comply with the international standards which define all card functions, starting from the card size, physical characteristics of the plastic (surface quality, thermostability, electromagnetic compatibility, UV and X-ray resistance, electrostatic characteristics) and finally, the type of information written on the card.

Types of printing:

1. Industrial printing (offset printing) it is done in specialized printing houses, where large series of non-personalized cards are printed on printing machines.

Comitex Ltd. offers the offset printing service for all types of bank and non-bank cards with the support of its partners Versatile Card Technology - USA and DZCard Group. The company has been the biggest card supplier in Bulgaria for the last two years.

Card printers (retransfer or direct thermotransfer) this type of printing is done by specialized card printers where the printing is on one card. The process can be performed by anyone who has bought a card printer.

Comitex Ltd. offers card printers by Digital Identification Solutions - Germany, Matica -Italy and Evolis - France.

Types of Printing
Thermotransfer direct
Offset Print of Bank Cards
Offset Print of Non-Bank Cards
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