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Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards

All customer loyalty solutions are based on customer loyalty cards containing personal information. Thus, the customers can be identified explicitly and there is no anonymous purchase activity. The personalization usually includes number and name of the customer. According to the customer loyalty systems the nameless cards (containing only number and barcode)are not usable because they do not generate loyalty to the company, they are simply an anonymous means of receiving privilege with no benefits for the company. Modern systems, considering most of the information recorded in them, use chip cards (contact or contactless) because of the strong security features. Simpler solution is the use of magnetic stripe cards.

Comitex provides modern technological solutions and services concerning Customer Loyalty Systems development. We can support the companies, regardless of the size of their business, to identify and successfully manage their loyal customers.
Comitex provides its customers with a complete technological know-how via consultation and cooperation with the customer throughout all stages of the development of the customer loyalty system:
Concept development and establishment of a detailed realization plan;
Technical solution card terminals, specialized software for customer behaviour processing and registration, software hosting(upon request), support;
Design, production, delivery, personalization and packaging of customer loyalty cards.

If the company already has its own solution or is planning to integrate one using our products, it has to prepare an analysis on the basis of which an effective and technologically appropriate solution is offered in most cases it is delivery, subscription personalization and mailing of customer loyalty cards at Comitex Card Personalization Center.

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