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Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

Comitex Ltd. offers to its customers a complex solution for the outsourcing of the whole process printing, personalization and mailing of large card series.

This includes the following activities:

1. Consultation on the formulation of the main principles and parameters of the project related to card issuance and use, in order to achieve maximum efficiency for the customer.

2. Particular statements and ideas concerning the card design, methods of personalization, card technologies, etc.

3. Organization of the card production process.

4. Control of the design and printed cards conformity. Preparation of color proofs.

5. Organization and logistics of the transport concerning the delivery and customs representation.

6. Processing customer database for personalization and mailing.

7. Control and classification as per criteria set by the customer.

8. Card personalization embossed, printed, electronic and mixed.

9. Automated mailing where the card and letter to its owner are put together; compliance control.

10. Delivery of the mailed cards to the end customer with or without return receipt.

11. Document generation (electronic or paper) for the logistics of the personalization and mailing process.

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