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The large amounts of personalized plastic cards require easy, fast and reliable way of addressing and sending by post an individual letter and personalized card (or several cards) to every recipient. The process is complicated as its accuracy and reliability have to be 100% guaranteed. Heres what is included in the automated card mailing:

1. Review of the customers database for logical mistakes and missing data.

2. Sort the data according to certain criteria, specified by the customer.

3. Recognition of the previously personalized card as per recorded individual (usually unique) information in a chip, magnetic stripe or printed barcode.

4. Extraction of personal information from a database (usually an address) about the future card recipient and letter printouts (forms) with this information.

5. Attaching the card to the letter using a special sticker and compliance control.
This control is extremely important because the systems for automatic mailing have 100% guaranteed match. The mailing systems are designed to eliminate the possibility for non-conformity between letter and card, because after the mailing has been done, the discrepancy is not visible until the letter with the wrong card reaches the recipient. If a card from other databases happens to be in the machine, it is removed automatically. If a mistake is detected during the operation of the system, both the card and the personalized letter are automatically rejected in order to isolate the possibility of mailing a letter without a card.

6. The letter (form) is folded and placed automatically in an envelope with a window for the address and other visible individual information.

7. Additional materials are placed in the envelope other forms or brochures (upon keeping certain conditions).

8. Stick the envelope with all materials in it. Reporting of all ready envelopes at the exit of the machine in a log file.

Advantages of the automated card mailing:

1. Guaranteed security for letter and card compliance.

2. High productivity the speed of operation of the different classes card mailing systems is up to 2000 cards per hour.

3. Information confidentiality the personalization and mailing are done by machines.

4. Improved logistics various possibilities for cards classification and mailing.

5. Additional promotional effect by sending out personal messages (letters).

6. Possibility to track the parcels via the electronic mailing reports generated during the process of work.

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