Digital Transformation Innovation Day

Best practices to boost customer journey automation

11 октомври 2023
2020 Event Center, София

Dear Lilyana,

We all know that identity verification can be a challenging task that requires you to pay attention to many nuances. And it needs to be an ever-evolving process to be able to stay ahead of fraudsters and compliant with regulations. 

To keep up with the industry, and to share our expertise in identity verification technology, we are presenting at Identity Week Europe, a global conference and exhibition that will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on June 13-14, 2023. The event is bringing together the brightest minds in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions. 

We are proud and excited to support such a prominent event as a Gold Partner. And we encourage you to get involved! Join us at stand 250 to witness Regula’s unrivalled forensic devices for document examination and software solutions for identity verification in action.

Or book a meeting with a Regula representative to discuss the latest developments in the industry and see how implementing identity verification can benefit your business.

For decades, Regula has been researching forensics and cooperating with border controls, security agencies, and businesses to create industry standards to trust and follow. Our software and hardware products perform up to one billion verifications a year in 170 countries without compromising safety, security, or speed.

Regula is a global developer of forensic and identity verification solutions. With our 30+ years of experience in forensic research and the largest library of document templates in the world, we create breakthrough technologies in document and biometric verification. Our hardware and software solutions allow over 1,000 organizations and 80 border controls globally to provide top-notch client service without compromising safety, security or speed.

Of particular note are Regula’s software solutions:

– Regula Document Reader SDK is a standalone software product that helps organize an enhanced ID verification process on any platform (mobile, web, or even on passport readers), and fully automates reading and verification of personal data in passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas, and other identity documents.

– Regula Face SDK is a cross-platform biometric verification solution that confirms the identity of a person with the help of a comprehensive set of technologies, including advanced face capture, liveness detection, face attribute evaluation, face image quality assessment, face matching, and face identification.